[scribus] Font changes with selection

Joop lists at joelassist.nl
Wed Jul 13 14:15:15 UTC 2011

> Do you use the story editor?  I find that I can highlight a
> line or a series of lines, and then select the proper font
> and size on the top bar.
> Styles are better of course.

Thanks all for your reactions.

It is clear to me that it is not something that I do wrong. I still 
think that it is not correct that when working in a textbox the font (+ 
size) changes to the standard font as you come after the last letter of 
a line. Also when you select all the text in a box. Working from the end 
to the beginning works better indeed.

I use the story editor when I am working with more text than a few 
lines, as in this advertisment project.


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