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Tue Jul 12 01:33:12 UTC 2011

I have been trying to maximize the use of Master Pages in Scribus for 
writing a book. I have experienced a recurring problem which  I have 
approached in two different ways in my search for a solution.The problem 
involves getting text imported from MS Word to properly flow from page 
to page.

The first approach was to prepare Master Pages for a four page chapter. 
I prepared three of them. One was for the first page of a chapter and 
had the following elements--Body Text Frame, Chapter Title Text Frame 
and a header at the top of the page. Another was Left Master Page 
consisting of a Body Text Frame and Header. (The  Header contains Book 
Title, Author and Page Number plus a line underneath.) Finally I created 
the Right Master Page with the same basic elements as the Left except 
using Name of Chapter instead of Book Title & Author name. I then 
Applied Master Pages to the four pages previously created in Scribus.

The problem came about when I right clicked in the Body Text Frame of 
page 1, clicked Get Text, and went out and got the text.  It filled the 
first page Body Text Frame just as it was supposed to do but here is 
where things began to go bad. I clicked on this Text Frame, then the 
Link Icon and then clicked the Text Frame in page 2. I repeated for page 
3. So far so good. Then I clicked the Text Frame Box in page 3, clicked 
Link icon and then clicked the Text Frame in Page 4. _This time it 
linked to the Header _and a pop up window says "You are trying to link a 
page to itself".

I previously had the problem and for a solution tried having Master 
Pages for Body Text only. This way I was successful in getting text to 
flow properly through all 4 pages. My plan was to create Master Pages 
for the Headers alone and then "Apply Master Pages." This was not 
successful. Apparently, you can only have one Master Page applied to any 
one document page. Is this true?

Sorry this is so lengthy but trying to be as detailed as is needed to 
adequately describe the problem. Again, using 1.4.0rc2.

Bob P

*Bob Parham*

*People may forget what you did and people may forget what you said but
people will never forget how you made them feel.


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