[scribus] French doc

Alessandro Levati 8av10s at tiscali.it
Sun Jul 10 19:57:52 UTC 2011


Il 10/07/2011 14:57, Gregory Pittman ha scritto:
> It would be great if we could get someone(s) to translate the upgraded
> docs in 1.4.0 so that we could include them. There is a lot of
> misleading (or simply wrong) information in the old French and German
> online manuals.
> Any and all languages would be appreciated. A good place to start would
> be in the entire Scribus Basics section.

I am willing to translate the online help in Italian. I am not certainly 
experienced in DTP, but I have been using Scribus occasionally for about 
one year, and I translated more than 30 wiki articles in Italian. So I 
think that I can contribute to the translation of the online help too. 
Unfortunately I don't have much time, so if I start translating, it is 
very unlikely that my work will be ready for inclusion in 1.4.0.
I would have volunteered earlier, but I thought that translations had to 
wait until the (English) docs were fully updated. If I can start work 
now, please let me know. Maybe I'll focus on the Scribus Basics section 
as suggested by Greg.

Good night

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