[scribus] problems with the Scripter

wibr lists at wibr.de
Sun Jul 10 09:02:24 UTC 2011

Hi Greg and a.l.e,

4. I put the following code in my loop:
	scribus.setText('Test 123',oneItem[0])
         itemText = scribus.getText(oneItem[0])

The result is, that all text field are '456'. Can't be right, can it?

When I replace getText() (which works earlier in the same script without 
problems) with getAllText() everything is 'Test 123456' like it should 
be...so I will use that one for now, but it looks like a bug to me...

I use Windows and the sys.version is 2.5.4. . Maybe they could update it 
in the next release.


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