[scribus] problems with the Scripter

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Jul 10 06:55:12 UTC 2011

guten morgen wilhlelm,

> 1. it would be nice if the version of python, which is used by the 
> scripter, appears somewhere in the documentation

afaik, on windows and on mac, scribus uses its own version of python.
on linux scribus uses whatever version the packagers compiled it

> 2. can I somehow use "print" in my scripts / see the output of that? It 
> would be convenient for debugging, now I use messageBoxes, but a simple 
> print would be better. I tried to use the integrated console, but it had 
> some problems with my indentations. (worked fine without console, though)

if you want to see the result of the print commands you have to start
scribus from a terminal...
otherwise there is no standard output which the scripter can target...

> 3. I use importPage() for duplicating pages. However, it takes the 
> filename as an argument, not a file object. So it reloads the file every 
> time again, which is quite slow...it would be better if I could load the 
> file once and then use it many times...

i've posted to the bug tracker a ticket for each of your three
please have a look at it and -- if necessary -- write further comments
in there.

i think that there are good chances to see them implemented for the new
scripter engine, which is currently the focus of google summer of code


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