[scribus] Text in frame and Properties > Text dialog

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jan 28 10:16:26 CET 2011

hi john,

>> W/Win2k/sp4, v1.39
>> When I select a text frame and then open the Text dialog/page in
>> Properties, the incorrect font is listed:
>> actual=Times Roman Reg., listed=Arial, Regular
>> If I select some text in the frame, then Properties/Text displays the
>> correct Times Roman Reg.
>> However, without any text selected, when I open the Edit Text dialog, Times
>> Roman Regular is listed.
>> Is this a bug in Properties or something else?
>> Barry McKenna
> i have never know the Properties box to show the correct font.   For that
> reason, I don't use it.  There seems to be a real disconnect with what is
> shown, with respect to fonts between the Story Editor and the Properties box
> text field.  I have never been able to tell which has precedence, either, of
> I avoid the Properties box for text/font activities like it holds the source
> of plague.

it's a bad idea to avoid using the the PP for text/font activities 
(except if you're heavily using styles!)... and i hope that the ongoing 
work on the PP will attract you back to it :-)

you're right that it's probably not a good idea to attach text 
formatting properties to the frame itself (and i guess this will have to 
change in the near future!)... but, nevertheless, the PP  *always* shows 
the correct font!

what you didn't get (and this is also what we probably should remove 
from the PP) is that when you're not in edit mode, the PP shows the 
default formatting for the frame... which gets overridden as soon as you 
apply a formatting to a selection in the frame.

when you're not in edit mode, the PP should probably show the settings 
which are common to the whole text it contains and leave the other empty 
or grayed out... if it should show any...

finally, once you have applied some "local" formatting, you will only be 
using those default formatting if you delete all the text in the frame 
and start typing (and is probably also an unlucky choice).

voilà, ... i hope it didn't get even more complicated for you... :-)


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