[scribus] Scribus 1.4 and DejaVu Serif Condesed Italic font issue

Peter Linnell plinnell at scribus.info
Tue Jan 25 23:50:49 CET 2011

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On 01/25/2011 05:49 PM, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 13:55:53 +0100 (CET)
> cezaryece <czarek at oferuje.pl> dijo:
>> I have FontMatrix installed and running. There are not
>> multiple instances of mentioned font. Also in System /
>> Administration / Fonts I cant find this unwanted font.
>> But... I found "DejaVuSerif*" name in
>> ~/.scribus/scribus135.rc file, remove it and seems it
>> helps.
> I should have added something that I discovered about FontMatrix. When
> you launch it the first time it searches /usr/share/fonts and ~/.fonts
> to find all installed fonts. (It may search the whole filesystem too,
> but I know for sure that it looks in those two folders.) The problem is
> that it then loads the font list into its own ~/.Fontmatrix
> configuration folder. And every time you use it thereafter it uses the
> same list from its own configuration folder, even though you may have
> removed or added fonts. The only way I can find to get it to update the
> font list is to delete the ~/.FontMatrix folder before launching it.
> So if it does not show duplicate fonts that does not necessarily mean
> that you don't actually have duplicate fonts. As far as I know, Scribus
> scans all fonts in the folders set in Preferences every time you launch
> it, so the font list in Scribus is always current.
> FontMatrix needs a button for "Refresh font list," but if it's there
> I've never found it. Not only that, but if you move, add, or delete a
> font while FontMatrix is running, as soon as you click on a font to
> view it FontMatrix will crash.

Service > Check Database is what you are looking for.

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