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Hello -

I didn't RECOMMEND using Babelfish (or any other automatic online translator that I know of) because of the very reasons you cite. The example of the "translated" French reply was meant to demonstrate the inadequacy of such a last-ditch tactic. 

I know what you mean - I took 4 semesters of Spanish in college, even writing a research paper in the language. With no way to stay practiced, that knowledge has drifted away with time. I very much regret that I'm now stuck with American English.

--- On Wed, 12/29/10, jwminer at accessvt.com <jwminer at accessvt.com> wrote:

[...] It's also a proof that Internet translation tools generally do a
poor job of translating anything! [...] was rather shocked that you suggested
otherwise. [...] Time has erased whatever memory of French and German I learned over 50 years ago.

--Judy M.

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