[scribus] Langage matters

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon Jan 3 08:55:06 CET 2011

Le 30/12/2010 04:17, James Elliott a écrit :
> On 29/12/2010 9:28 AM, JLuc wrote:
>> it has been stated many time that this list is multilingual ...
> Fair comment

I am not fluent in english, but i am in french, and this langage would fit much better my Scribus querying needs and 
answering abilities.

I now have an idea : state (fr, en) on my signature so as to express my favorite langages and get appropriate answers.

>> Beside some french native speakers can not speak english.
> Sorry, I was not aware of that and thought all Canadians understood English - didn't mean to offend, it is just that I
> would have liked to have been able to read your reply to the question that was posted in English.

Not only some Canadians are french native speakers, but french, and some belgian, swiss (+more) people also :-)

If you want to have explanations on some message you dont understand, whether because of the langage or the content, I 
suggest you ask for explanations on the list, answering the in the thread in the usual way.

JLuc (fr, en)

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