[scribus] Images and Anti-aliasing on viewers other than Adobe Reader

Jose Luis Rivas ghostbar38 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 04:33:45 CET 2011


I started playing with scribus on Debian, both scribus and scribus-ng.
But I have an issue with how images are rendered on PDF viewers other
than Adobe Reader.

By e.g. on evince, using a 500dpi image it shows ugly lines, with okular
the lines are not that obvious, but still there. It's the same with
900dpi, 300dpi, 150dpi, 120dpi, 96dpi, 90dpi and so on.

With other PDFs, created with tools like Apple Keynote there's no issues
rendering images on evince nor okular.

Are Scribus-created PDFs with a non-antialiasing option or something?

PS: I even didn't compressed the images, just for checking.

Jose Luis Rivas - GPG: 0x7C4DF50D
San Cristóbal, Venezuela - http://www.joseluisrivas.net/

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