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Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Thu Feb 24 01:44:07 CET 2011

** jwminer at accessvt.com <jwminer at accessvt.com> [2011-02-23 20:12]:
> I never bother with those notification options, RSS feeds, and such.
> Someone couldn't remember to go back to the forum where he posted a
> message yet kept searching the Internet for answers. What's up with
> that???? We do have some responsibility to manage our own quest for
> knowledge. I also highly recommend looking through ALL the messages

Since that was me I'll explain. The reference was to an incident that stick in
my mind, although unfortunately the specific forum or product does not! I did
not forget to ever go back, I checked several times the same day, and probably
the day after. I kept looking for a solution, as I always do (and often post
back a solution if I've found it elsewhere). What sticks in my mind is the fact
that some time later, I forget whether it was months or longer, I came across
my post when searching for something related, and there was a reply. Clearly a
decent forum would notify me of replies to my thread, which this one, for some
reason, did not.

Personally I have yet to come across any forum software that is as quick and
easy to use as my mail client. The closest I've seen is Google and/or Yahoo
groups (of all things!), mainly because I can subscribe and manage things via
email and leave those who want to mess around with a web interface to do so. So
long as it doesn't take people away from the mailing list, and hence reduce its
value, I'm quite happy for other people to use forums :) With the number of
mailing lists I work with I could not keep up with them all if they used

** end quote [jwminer at accessvt.com]

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