[scribus] Images and Anti-aliasing on viewers other than Adobe Reader

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Feb 23 10:32:07 CET 2011

hi jose,

> I started playing with scribus on Debian, both scribus and scribus-ng.
> But I have an issue with how images are rendered on PDF viewers other
> than Adobe Reader.
> By e.g. on evince, using a 500dpi image it shows ugly lines, with
> okular the lines are not that obvious, but still there. It's the same
> with 900dpi, 300dpi, 150dpi, 120dpi, 96dpi, 90dpi and so on.
> With other PDFs, created with tools like Apple Keynote there's no
> issues rendering images on evince nor okular.
> Are Scribus-created PDFs with a non-antialiasing option or something?
> PS: I even didn't compressed the images, just for checking.

you should probably document it i the bug tracker (http://bugs.scribus.net) should upload a sample image and some screenshots showing the differences.

if possible also a pdf created by scribus and one created by keynote (or any other app which can create a pdf which does not show the artifacts).

except somebody else tells you that this is an obvious issue...


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