[scribus] Using BBS instead

William F. Maddock billsey at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 23 01:33:06 CET 2011

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>Subject: Re: [scribus] Using BBS instead
>me too :-)
>On 2/22/11 1:04 PM, Stephen Carboni wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Instead of using a mailing list for scribus support, how about we use
>> a forum/BBS?
>> I find the mailing list to archaic and clunky.
>> Forums are much easier to use for the end user who has problems they
>> want to resolve.
>> Thoughts?
>> -Steve.
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>more seriously, what are the advantage of a forum against a mailing list?
>i'm aware of the fact that many people prefer asking questions in a 
>forum, but i'd like to read from a forum-power-user what would are the 
>good reasons to switch to a forum.
>- what is archaic in here?
>- what is clunky?
>on the other side:
>- how can you make sure that good answers get in?
>- who filters out the trash?
>finally, there are two ongoing projects to create a forum-like interface 
>to this mailing list...
>maybe, we will have a solution for everybody soon...
>personally, i've rather made bad experiences with forums... but it may 
>be just me!

It's not just you.

I prefer the mailing list format for this group. First off, almost everyone gets an email account as part of their Internet access account without having to pay more for it (and each of us can moderate our own email account(s) to our own heart's content). With a forum, somebody has to own secure, and maintain a website (which is neither easy, nor free), and individual users do not have the democracy of moderating what gets into their access and what does not. If you want into the forum you have to trust that someone serving as a moderator has at least minimally similar ideas with you as to what is allowable and/or appropriate (which always results in spats, bans, and other such unpleasantnesses).

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