[scribus] 1.4.0 RC1

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Fri Feb 18 20:16:45 CET 2011

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 12:11:41 -0500
John Ghormley KJ4UFG <kj4ufg at sera.org> dijo:

>I am running 10.04 Maverick and got the notice of RC1, also.
>However,  when I try to upgrade, I am told it is coming from a server
>that does not support changelogs.  How were you able to get the
>upgrade?  Maybe you have a different line in the Update Manager ->
>Settings -> Other Software dialog than I do.
>Mine (which has worked until now) is:
>     http://debian.scribus.net/debian/ maverick main
>Have you the same or different?

I think I have the same, except it says "lucid" instead of "maverick."
However, I can't do much with the computer at the moment because the
CPUs are bogged down running the FontSample script. It's been running
for nearly three hours and is at 83%.

I recall when I did the update the Update Manager bitched about not
having the right key. It always does that, and I always ignore it, and
it always still works. Silly computer.

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