[scribus] new

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Feb 7 12:48:31 CET 2011

> Salut bisamme,
> I am new on the list and a native brbll-bla-bla speaker. Later I learned french, german, latin and also a bit
> English. Sometimes my questions will not make sense: please, translate them back to french :-)
> I use Tex&  Latex since many years, but my present project would need an acrobatic "documentclass".
> A friend of me has the project to create a newspaper - so i think it is the best time to try "Scribus".
> My Debian 5.0 installed Scribus Is it too old ?
> I wish to install a stable version, using a save format which is readable (less) and "editable" (emacs).
> I hate to work in the WYSIWYG manner : with the mouse, I get only trash.
> Is there a way to use Python like a markup language?
> (the 'Document-1.sla' I saved looks like a big preamble with hundreds of default params)

yep. update your debian and your scribus, too.

you should probably use debian 6.0 and scribus-ng (which currently is 
1.4svn: the beta version for upcoming 1.4 stable release).
(the old debian may still be ok... the old scribus, not)

in order to get the current scribus packages you might need to add the 
scribus own repositories:



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