[scribus] new

R. Bastian rbastian at free.fr
Mon Feb 7 10:52:16 CET 2011

Salut bisamme,

I am new on the list and a native brbll-bla-bla speaker. Later I learned french, german, latin and also a bit
English. Sometimes my questions will not make sense: please, translate them back to french :-) 

I use Tex & Latex since many years, but my present project would need an acrobatic "documentclass". 
A friend of me has the project to create a newspaper - so i think it is the best time to try "Scribus".

My Debian 5.0 installed Scribus Is it too old ?
I wish to install a stable version, using a save format which is readable (less) and "editable" (emacs).

I hate to work in the WYSIWYG manner : with the mouse, I get only trash.
Is there a way to use Python like a markup language?
(the 'Document-1.sla' I saved looks like a big preamble with hundreds of default params)

René Bastian

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