[scribus] python scripting newbee question

Roberta or Peter plener at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 12:05:44 CET 2011

absolutely a newbeee to scribus

am i on the right path?

1. scribus was written in Python

2. if so one could modify the code such that scribus opens the way you want
in a way the defaults you set up modify the script.

3. since it is written in Python

you could add a functionality to scribus ( if the code was available and

say there is a variable in scribus  page_length
then you could get to the code and change the parameters

4. when you download scribus you also install python--because if Python is
not available the scribus would not run

5. just curious could you use other scripting programs like Ruby to modify

am i sort of right?

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