[scribus] python scripting newbee question

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 1 12:19:41 CET 2011

hi peter,

> 1. scribus was written in Python

no, c++ with qt4 (well, you're not fully wrong: at its beginnings, 
scribus used to be written in python... but today it's all c++)

> 2. if so one could modify the code such that scribus opens the way you want
> in a way the defaults you set up modify the script.

i don't understand your question...

you can modify the scribus code even if it is c++

you can write scripts in python which do "small" things for you and run 
inside of scribus

> 3. since it is written in Python
> you could add a functionality to scribus ( if the code was available and
> accessible)
> say there is a variable in scribus  page_length
> then you could get to the code and change the parameters

scribus code is available.

you can do the change you sugges in c++ or -- if the page properties are 
accessible through the scripter -- by writing a small script.

> 4. when you download scribus you also install python--because if Python is
> not available the scribus would not run

no, you have to separately download python to get the scripter to work.

c++ is not needed

on most linux and os x environments python is already installed.

> 5. just curious could you use other scripting programs like Ruby to modify
> scribus
> am i sort of right?

there is already a python scripting interface.

with the new generation scripting engine (scripter 2) already added to 
scribus 1.5svn it should be easy to allow a ruby interface and -- then 
-- getting ruby scripting inside of scribus.

i hope i could answer some of your questions...


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