[scribus] Overcrowded icon bars.

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Aug 10 12:01:01 UTC 2011

hi bob,

>> better if it is the default.
>> Thanks!
> You have my vote! I will try to emulate that layout now. But it is
> FWIW, I have a widescreen monitor and had plenty of room to combine on 
> one bar the Menu Bar as well as all the icons and it is still not 
> overcrowded. I have plenty of available width but like the additional 
> height gained by combining

jean has patched it!


and for you, bob, you can always combine the toolbars in two or one row, 
if you prefer... or hide some of the toolbars if you don't use them.

but you have to have a very very wide display to be able to show all the 
icons on one row!

personally, i'm convinced that having three rows and displaying all the 
icons on most monitors, is much better then the previous situation...

personally (2), all i need in the story editor is the toolbar to save 
and close... and i think this is what most people need (imo the rest is 
almost useless: now the-in frame editing is much faster and i don't see 
much interest in formatting text in the SE, if you can't see the changes 
you're doing! ... applying styles is the only exception i see here...)

but everybody knows that i'm aiming at a new story editor :-)


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