[scribus] Page ordering broken for pdf export on 1.3.7 ?

Julian Haines jah0003 at utvinternet.com
Wed Sep 29 17:09:56 CEST 2010

I have an 8-page newsletter in Scribus 1.3.7 on WinXP which I'm trying to
export to pdf as a double-side booklet for printing. I've done this before
using the method here:

I have the document set up as before, A4 page size, double-sided, right
first page. When exporting to pdf I put 8,1,2,7,6,3,4,5 into the "Choose
Pages" box in the General tab of the Save as PDF diolog box. Unfortunately
the pdf is generated with the pages in the normal order, ie.

I've done this successfully using the same method with an earlier issue of
the same newsletter (ie. same document setup, different content) but using
Scribus instead. I had no problems with page ordering then.

Am I missing something this time around, or is this broken on 1.3.7 please?


Julian Haines

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