[scribus] Several Comments and queries

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Sep 27 14:36:25 CEST 2010

  hi robin
>   1. Occasionally in the Story Editor - the Style column seems to
>      disconnect from its associated text. Sometimes there are no
>      entries in the Style column.
>   2. When Copying and Pasting from one Story Editor to another none of
>      the Style properties come over.

as far i can tell, in the upcoming you should work as little as possible 
with the story editor.

afaik, currently, only "real" bugs in the Story Editor get fixed. all 
the usability annoyances are ignored until a new reworked SE is developed

>   4. I have read what is said importing images into Scribus and I have
>      had a dispute with my printer about the quality of my images. Most
>      of my adverts were originally in PDF format, initially I placed
>      one and in the Scribus Preflight Verifier and got an amber warning
>      'Object is a placed PDF' - why is this is a problem? Also I felt
>      that the resulting printed image was not brilliant, so I did a
>      trial importing images in all the Scribus acceptable formats. I
>      then exported the file to PDF and printed all - the best quality*
>      printed *image was the GIF. My printer says this is wrong - can
>      you help please?
- there is a warning because Scribus will rasterize the image (making 
bitmaps out of vectors); with 1.4 you may be able to include PDF in your 
layout, but the warning won't probably disappear, since it's still an 
experimental feature.
- using GIF is never a good idea in DTP.
- the goal should not be to have brilliant colors, but to match the 
colors you have been provided...
- your printer is probably right.

>   5. How do I persuade the text to wrap around an image as the text box
>      does not allow a cut out?

window > properties > x,y,z tab.

>   6. How do I make a continuous underline with no gaps at the space?

- avoid underlines (use bold and italic instead)
- no idea how it was in, but in 1.3.8 you can choose the U or W 
buttons. the first one will do a continuos underline. in previous 
version you may have to do a long click on the underline button and 
check an option in the pull down menu (buttons with a small triangle in 
the bottom right corner have such a menu)

>   7. How do I arrange for excess text to flow to the next page?

use the "link text frames" button in the toolbar

you may go through 
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Get_Started_with_Scribus to know more 
about the basicis of scribus (even if you're already using it!)


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