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Robin Dean (Google) robin.c.dean at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 27 13:39:28 CEST 2010


As I am new to this list I am unclear whether I should be separating 
these points:

I have been using Scribus (using Windows XP) for the last 6 
months to produce a parish magazine of about 50 to 60 pages of A5 
printed (from a PDF file) in black and white by a professional printer. 
This contains text, photographs and advertising images. I have been very 
happy with Scribus to do this work.

I have the following comments/ queries:

   1. Occasionally in the Story Editor - the Style column seems to
      disconnect from its associated text. Sometimes there are no
      entries in the Style column.
   2. When Copying and Pasting from one Story Editor to another none of
      the Style properties come over.
   3. Inevitably with an A5 page I am often trying to make space - I do
      this by changing the size of the text box but I can make space by
      having a half body text after the paragraph. Is there any way of
      automatically putting half body text after a paragraph?
   4. I have read what is said importing images into Scribus and I have
      had a dispute with my printer about the quality of my images. Most
      of my adverts were originally in PDF format, initially I placed
      one and in the Scribus Preflight Verifier and got an amber warning
      'Object is a placed PDF' - why is this is a problem? Also I felt
      that the resulting printed image was not brilliant, so I did a
      trial importing images in all the Scribus acceptable formats. I
      then exported the file to PDF and printed all - the best quality*
      printed *image was the GIF. My printer says this is wrong - can
      you help please?
   5. How do I persuade the text to wrap around an image as the text box
      does not allow a cut out?
   6. How do I make a continuous underline with no gaps at the space?
   7. How do I arrange for excess text to flow to the next page?

Kind regards

Robin Dean

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