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TSH tsh.gmane at miserableoldgit.me.uk
Sat Sep 25 18:44:50 CEST 2010

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 10:51:09 -0700, Larry wrote:

> In my program when I RIGHT CLICK I do not have a 'fit image to frame'
> I only have a FIT FRAME TO IMAGE

The Fit Image To Frame option is in the context menu of version 1.3.8 but 
not in the stable 1.3.3.xx.

Instead you can do it from the properties dialog. Right click on the 
image and choose Properties, then select the Image tab. From there you 
can rescale the image, or simply select the option to fit the image to 
the frame.

> I guess I need to resize outside of program???

Generally, this is the better way, as it makes for a more efficient file 
size when save as a PDF. You can use a program other than GIMP, if this 
option is not available to you.

Stewart H.

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