[scribus] Usage of 'bugs.scribus.net'

Peter Palmreuther pitpalme+scribus at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 15:34:32 CEST 2010


after having reported a bug on 'bugs.scribus.net' it was closed as duplicate.
Thanks for doing this, I haven't seen the original one.
Albeit this might not be satisfying regarding the problematic behavior it lead
me to another question:

Is there any rule, or maybe even just "convention" about using
'bugs.scribus.net' and fields "Category", "Platform" and "OS"?

I'd really like to have filtered for Mac OS related bugs before reporting, for
being able to see if it already is in the tracker.

But first fields "Platform" and "OS" seems to be able to be set only to values
I have in my reporting profiles. So searching is quite complex, if not even
impossible, if anybody can use his own values.
Second "Category" "Mac OS" I don't really understand. Is this really a bug
relevant category? Shouldn't this information better caught by using field "OS".
And third I cannot "OR" search categories. Maybe it's just me, but even with
no convention about where to put what I could try to search for already
reported bug when being able to look for "Category == 'Mac*' OR OS == 'Mac*'".
But neither "OR" not wildcards seem to be possible.

Please don't get me wrong. I like Scribus. I have no thoughts of any
obligation to fix my concrete or any other problem (neither absolutely nor
within a certain amount of time). I don't want to talk about my bug being
reported already earlier and when it's fixed.

It just helps a lot if reporting erratic behavior (or what is seen as such)
can be done in an "information gaining" way, even for the reporter. Seeing an
issue already being known, and maybe even what was already done on it, can
really be great.

Anybody with thought, hints, advices or any other kind of argument regarding this?
Best regards,


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