[scribus] Usage of 'bugs.scribus.net'

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Sep 12 23:53:30 CEST 2010

hi peter,

> after having reported a bug on 'bugs.scribus.net' it was closed as
> duplicate. Thanks for doing this, I haven't seen the original one.
> Albeit this might not be satisfying regarding the problematic
> behavior it lead me to another question:

it's a good thing to look for existing bugs. but, in doubt, it's better to submit than to have the devs ignore it...

> Is there any rule, or maybe even just "convention" about using
> 'bugs.scribus.net' and fields "Category", "Platform" and "OS"?

well, it should  be possible to look by OS. if a bug is platform specific, most of the time this field is field. the other ones are mostly not.

when i look for bugs i mostly just put one or two well chosen keywords in the search field and than manually skim through the few dozen (or less result) to see if there are any matching

in my experience, most search "engines" fail at their job (exceptions are google, os x file search, windows file search).

> It just helps a lot if reporting erratic behavior (or what is seen as
> such) can be done in an "information gaining" way, even for the
> reporter. Seeing an issue already being known, and maybe even what
> was already done on it, can really be great.
> Anybody with thought, hints, advices or any other kind of argument
> regarding this?

i guess that for now the approach is more or less: each one tries to give his best and we try no to bring to much complexity in the workflow...

i hope that i could give you some useful answers...

have a nice start to the week

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