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Sun Nov 28 21:50:07 CET 2010

Submitted on 11/28/2010
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   Name: Gerold
   Email Address: geroldfritsche at gmx.net
   Subject: pdf-creation
Thank you Christoph

 >They can't be embedded by by default, but you can override the setting:
FAQ says:
 >Fonts with more than 2048 glyphs will be automatically converted to outlines  
to reduce the size of the PDF.
 >This font-specific setting can be changed in Preferences > Fonts by  
unchecking the "Subset" option for a font.

Unchecking "Subset" only works with (certain) TTFs.
Unchecking "embed" works with OTF, but they are unembedded anyway, so no joy  
The only way to go for now is to delete the OTFs from the "make outline" box  
in the pdf-creation dialogue.

result: better looking pdf on my own system, but no embedded fonts (=no  
portable document).  :-(

Thank you anyway

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