[scribus] inconsistent quote marks, strange result, new install query

Jerry Halberstadt subscriber at newtechpub.com
Fri Nov 26 14:38:06 CET 2010

inconsistent quote marks
The text is set in Optima DemiBold and controlled by paragraph styles. 
Within the same paragraph I find correct quote marks that match the 
chosen font, but I also see quote marks that are foreign, i.e., not from 
the same font, and looking more like a typewriter font. This happens 
with both single quote (') and double ("). Re-applying the style  in 
"story editor" doesn't help.

 From the handbook of non-reproducible results:

Exported book to PDF. Page numbers from 9 and above garbled. Just to 
track it down, exported again: no problem. Go figure...

Environment: Scribus, Win XP, sp3
(I'm waiting for the next rev 1.3.9 to come out.)

  new install query
To upgrade to 1.3.9. I expect to do this soon. Unlike, which 
exports PDF even absent Ghostscript, I expect to need to install 
Ghostscript. How do I select correct version of Ghostscript?

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