[scribus] Scripter and Preferences

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 15:52:46 CET 2010

On 11/24/2010 08:46 AM, Olivier BERTEN wrote:
> Question 1:
> I'm thinking of something like configurable templates where the users
> could adjust some measurements. It would be more efficient if the user
> was presented these measures in its favorite unit... isn't it?
> Is there a way to currently achieve this?
Answer 1-1:
There is no current value such as UNITS_DEFAULT in scripter, so you must 
work around this.
Answer 1-2:
Possible work arounds:
a) use some arbitrary unit, let the user switch later (and give him a 
messageBox to remind him that the units are ...)
b) set up a valueDialog to let the user choose units
c) tell the user how to change the script to his liking to indicate his 
favorite units, then the rest of the script takes it from there, and he 
has his own customized script.
d) create a family of scripts, such as template_points.py, 
template_mm.py, each of which does this for the user.

Again, if you are going to make a script which can handle a variety of 
page units, these other tweaks are rather trivial by comparison.
> Question 2:
> I'd like to allow users to import swatches through SwatchBooker. Many
> spot colors are defined in the Lab color space, which isn't available in
> Scribus (yet). So I need to convert them to RGB or CMYK. Since Scribus
> supports color management, it would be stupid not to take that in
> account when converting...
> Is this currently in the field of possible things through the scripter?
Answer 2-1:
No, not currently possible

Answer 2-2:
There is work going on, outside of Scribus, to try to develop a 
cross-project color palette capability, incorporating swatchbooker among 

Answer 2-3:
There is also work going on to incorporate more palettes into Scribus 
for a greater array of choices, currently a rather manual process.


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