[scribus] A new stable edition.

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Mon Nov 22 20:38:12 CET 2010

Many of our newbie users are using and also 1.3.8.   They are 
getting caught in the format change that took place months ago. 1.3.8 
is pretty stable. Heck 1.5.0 is pretty stable. But people continue 
with because it is the latest officially "stable" edition. 

Therefore I suggest the following renumbering:
When 1.3.9 comes out maybe next week designate it as 1.4.0 instead and 
declare it to be stable. Get the major distributions, Debian etc. to 
offer it instead of When the "real" 1.4.0 is finished next 
year name it 1.4.1.

This way we can all be using the same version. Newbies won't be 
misdirected to an antique version that  knowledgeable Scribus users 
don't bother with any more.  And the issues that only arise from use 
of won't be with us.

John Culleton, Wexford Press
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