[scribus] A new stable edition.

Rob Oakes lyx-devel at oak-tree.us
Mon Nov 22 20:50:39 CET 2010

On Nov 22, 2010, at 12:38 PM, John Culleton wrote:

> Therefore I suggest the following renumbering:
> When 1.3.9 comes out maybe next week designate it as 1.4.0 instead and 
> declare it to be stable. Get the major distributions, Debian etc. to 
> offer it instead of When the "real" 1.4.0 is finished next 
> year name it 1.4.1.
> This way we can all be using the same version. Newbies won't be 
> misdirected to an antique version that  knowledgeable Scribus users 
> don't bother with any more.  And the issues that only arise from use 
> of won't be with us.

I think that this is an excellent suggestion.  Many conservative system administrators won't use a dot-o release anyway as they view it as "unstable" (regardless of what the developers say).

Renumbering might also help to reduce confusion amongst regular users.  By renumbering 1.3.9 to 1.4.0, you could differentiate it from the 1.3 series.  This would leave you with:

1.3: Stable, Deprecated

1.4.0: Release Candidate
1.4.1: Stable

1.5:	Development

Still not ideal, but easier to wrap your head around than the current scheme.


Rob Oakes

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