[scribus] Idea: MacGuffin

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Thu Nov 18 11:28:11 CET 2010

Reading this over, I think actually you wanted something else:

> When I suspect this might happen, I type ???, as in "...you can find the
> results of this event on page ???"
> As you may suspect, my batting average in converting the ??? to an
> actual page number is not as high as I would like it to be. I do most of

That would call for an anchor-like element. A similar thing is a word, 
e. g. the name of the month, which changes over the whole document.

Wouldn't it be the solution if you could set an anchor like "page of 
xyz", and xyz is on page 23, so the text later reads "see page 23"?

And for my special case, in our church monthlies, I wouldn't have to 
change all titles and master pages but only set the first one to the new 
month - and all places which point to it would change.

Is this your MacGuffin?

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