[scribus] Idea: MacGuffin

Cezary Grabski cezary.grabski at tvkslupsk.pl
Thu Nov 18 12:41:09 CET 2010

> And for my special case, in our church monthlies, I wouldn't have to
> change all titles and master pages but only set the first one to the new
> month - and all places which point to it would change.

In Ventura are anchors, cross-references, markers and variable markers.
- anchor is for link frame with some place in text, so it flow if text flow 
thrugh pages
- cros-reference is "magic code" which is calculated to position in text 
structure (page, chapter, section) and referenced to frame or marker
- marker is place in text for cross-referencing just places in text, not 
- variable marker is definition of some variable (eg issue data, current issue 
number) which is placed where variable marker is in text.

All these features we would like to see in Scribus, as well as indexing, 
autonumbering, foot- and endnotes.


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