[scribus] List of words / references possible?

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Wed Nov 17 21:56:54 CET 2010

John J. wrote:
> I tried in both Firefox and Opera.
> After right-clicking on the link I am presented with the options:
> Open in a web browser
> Copy URL
> "Copy URL" is useless. "Open in a web browser" opens a page, which
> then
> announces "done." The page is blank and no download option appears.
> When I right click on the link I am not presented with any options
> other than the above. There is no option to save the link to disk.
> The filename is apparently tyro.pdf. I googled on that and found
> dozens
> of files named tyro.pdf, including "the first extraterrestrial pdf
> ebooks download."

This is very odd. When I right-click on the PDF file link, in Opera
10.63 my options are:
Open, Open in New Tab, Open in Background Tab, Open in New Window,
Open in Background Window, Bookmark Link, Copy Link Address, Save
Linked Content As, Save to Download Folder, Inspect Element. I have
found through the years that Save Linked Content As is the most
reliable way to get a PDF. Then you can open the file from your hard
drive with your PDF reader of choice.

In Firefox 3.6.11 my right-click options for a PDF link are Open
Link in New Window, Open Link in New Tab, Bookmark This Link, Save
Link As, Send Link, Copy Link Location. In Firefox I would use Save
Link As.

I'm using these browsers in VectorLinux 6 Soho Deluxe. I've never
seen a browser for Linux or Windows that did not have a Save As
option for a file you could download. If you're not seeing it, I
wonder if there is some security setting in your browser that is
blocking file downloads. I think Internet Explorer now by default
does not download files, but you can override this. I don't have
Windows open on any computer right now, so I can't check. But in
Linux, the right-click options in my Firefox and Opera are as I
listed above.

I don't know what operating system you're using. It it's Windows,
perhaps your antivirus or antimalware app is blocking download
options. Your Internet usage is severely limited if you can't
download files of your choosing, so you might want to look into this
and change it if you can.
--Judy M.

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