[scribus] First project Questions

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Nov 16 08:48:05 CET 2010

hi bruce

> My wife and I have just finished our first Scribus project, a six
> page newsletter for a non-profit group. She has a Macbook, I have a
> PC, and we were able to exchange files, each using Scribus 1.3.8. We
> very much appreciate the printed manual, the tutorials, and this
> mailing list. Thank you all. I have these questions/comments: 1. I
> found three ways to set tabs: With the ruler at the top of the page,
> As a style, and in the Properties Palette|Text | Columns...|
> Tabulators. But what is the pecking order, that is, which settings
> override the others? 2. Scribus repeatedly froze, as I recall when I
> was editing tabs and indents directly in the text frame. After I
> assigned a paragraph style, I had no trouble. 3. Both templates and
> documents are .sla. Is there a difference in the file format? 4. Upon
> exporting to PDF, one text frame was completely invisible for PDF
> versions 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5, but visible for version X-3. The text
> frame contained seven mailto links plus other text. Magically, moving
> the cursor over the invisible (blank) area of the PDF page, tooltips
> popped up, and the links were clickable. 5. The .PDF was 1.3MB and I
> was a unable to shrink it with pdf2ps, ps2pdf. I hoped to get to
> 300KB, but had a deadline. 6. If I find a reproducible bug, what is
> the best way to report it, and what documentation should I provide? 


* http://bugs.scribus.net
* steps to reproduce and -- eventually -- example in .sla, .pdf, images used and/or screenshots (it depends on the type of bug).
* feature requests also get into there


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