[scribus] First project Questions

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Nov 16 12:27:04 CET 2010

>  1. I found three ways to set tabs: With the ruler at the top of the page, As a style, and in the Properties Palette|Text |
> Columns...| Tabulators. But what is the pecking order, that is, which settings override the others?

As far as I understand:

The properties palette controls the default for the text frame.
The default is overridden by a style.
And a style is overridden by direct formatting (using the ruler).

> 3. Both templates and documents are .sla. Is there a difference in the file format?

A template is a Scribus document that is used as - a template - for
creating new documents. When creating from a template scribus will
create a new, unnamed, document from the template, do prevent you from
accidentily overwriting the template.


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