[scribus] First project Questions

Bruce Harris bjharris at ieee.org
Tue Nov 16 07:59:17 CET 2010

My wife and I have just finished our first Scribus project, a six page newsletter for a non-profit group. She has a Macbook, I 
have a PC, and we were able to exchange files, each using Scribus 1.3.8. We very much appreciate the printed manual, the 
tutorials, and this mailing list. Thank you all. 
I have these questions/comments:
 1. I found three ways to set tabs: With the ruler at the top of the page, As a style, and in the Properties Palette|Text | 
Columns...| Tabulators. But what is the pecking order, that is, which settings override the others?
2. Scribus repeatedly froze, as I recall when I was editing tabs and indents directly in the text frame. After I assigned a 
paragraph style, I had no trouble.
3. Both templates and documents are .sla. Is there a difference in the file format?
4. Upon exporting to PDF, one text frame was completely invisible for PDF versions 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5, but visible for version 
X-3. The text frame contained seven mailto links plus other text. Magically, moving the cursor over the invisible (blank) 
area of the PDF page, tooltips popped up, and the links were clickable. 
5. The .PDF was 1.3MB and I was a unable to shrink it with pdf2ps, ps2pdf. I hoped to get to 300KB, but had a deadline. 
6. If I find a reproducible bug, what is the best way to report it, and what documentation should I provide? 

	Bruce Harris

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