[scribus] "Cannot write to file" when exporting as PDF

Bob Furber bob at steroidmicros.com
Sat Nov 13 07:42:27 CET 2010

On 12/11/2010 10:35 PM, Bob Furber wrote:

I would like to add that I disproved the damaged .sla file theory by 
saving a brand new simple Scribus file tp C:\path\exportTest.sla file 
and then attempting to export it to C:\path\exportTest.pdf.

Again, I got "Cannot write this file".



> On 12/11/2010 9:59 PM, a.l.e wrote:
>> hi bob,
>>>> However, today, when I went to generate (Export>  PDF) a medium
>>>> resolution PDF for our website, Scribus told me "Cannot write file:
>>>> path/filename.pdf. I repeated the exercise at the resolution I had
>>>> used
>>>> previously and I got the same error. I can Export as PNG or EPS, but
>>>> not
>>>> as PDF, even after deleting previous PDF with same name.
>>>> Both our print shop and our website require PDF files. Is there a
>>>> solution?
>>> I don't know windows, but that error generally means what it says.
>>> Do you have a directory called "path" into which you hope to write
>>> filename.pdf?
>>> Another cause of that error is the permissions needed to write the
>>> file. But I don't think that applies to windows
>> 1. this has very likely nothing to do with the fact that you're 
>> trying to export to a low res file
>> 2. windows does have permissions for files and directory but it's 
>> unlikely that this is the reason for your problem (you may still 
>> check if the target is writable)
> Yes, the target folder is writable. This was confirmed when I was able 
> to Scribus Export EPS and PNG files to this same folder. And, 3 days 
> ago, I Scribus exported PDF files and overwrote existing PDF files in 
> this same directory. But, something has since changed.
> Perhaps Scribus was terminated incorrectly by Windows during its 
> midnight Windows update Wednesday night.
> Suspecting a damaged Sribus, I removed it, reinstalled it and it still 
> fails to Export PDF.
>> 3. as owen suggested, you will probably have to check if the place 
>> you want to export the PDF to, does indeed exist. you may have 
>> renamed the a folder since the last time you created the PDF or are 
>> trying to export it to a USB drive which is not currently in your 
>> computer.
> Scribus Export PDF only allows one to export back to the source folder 
> containing the *.sla file. Hence, the folder must exist.
> Thanks,
> Bob Furber
>> good luck!
>> a.l.e
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