[scribus] running two Scribus versions on the same system

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Nov 11 18:15:51 CET 2010

On Thursday 11 November 2010 11:55:28 Robert Marma wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>   I recently installed two Scribus versions on my HP Windows 7
> netbook--v1.3.3.14 and v1.3.8svn.  I would like to enjoy the added
> features and improvements of v1.3.8svn, while still being able to
> access and edit my older files that were created in v1.3.3.14.

Later versions of Scribus can always use .sla files created by earlier 
versions.  Forward compatibility is assured. Backward compatibility is 
not. Once you open a file in 1.3.8 it will be converted to that version 
and cannot be used in 1.3.3.x versions. However file format should be 
interchangeable from 1.3.5 through the upcoming 1.4.0.

IMO you really don't need any more.  For all practical 
purposes 1.3.8 is stable.  But if you do keep you might want 
to make copies of your older files with an additional prefix, e.g., 
foo.sla.sav. That way you can use them in 1.3.8 yet still retreat to should you want to.

1.4.0 will be released Real Soon Now. It will basically be 1.3.8 with 
some bugfixes and tweaks. 
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