[scribus] Problem with page numbers

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 00:36:07 CET 2010

On 11/09/2010 04:01 PM, matti.huomanen at pp.inet.fi wrote:
> Hi, I'm a new Scribus user and making my first work. I came across a problem
> with page numbers. I have a fixed number on every page which I cannot get rid
> of. I've tried via Master page but I cannot select the text box where
> the
> number is. I may have locked it but cannot remember how I did it and how to
> unlock it. I have also running page numbers as they should be so two numbers on
> each page look bad. I'm using version and Windows XP

Sometimes when it seems like you can't get at something on a page, it's 
because it's not where you think it is. Perhaps it's on another layer. 
You should be able to select a locked frame even though you can't edit 
it, and then you can see in the X,Y,Z tab that it's locked.

In general, I don't think it should be quite so desirable or necessary 
to lock things on a Master Page.


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