[scribus] Scribus for mac Os X 10.4.11 Tiger

ettore favini help at scribus.info
Tue Nov 9 11:00:26 CET 2010

Submitted on 11/09/2010
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   Name: ettore favini
   Email Address: ettore.favini at gmail.com
   Subject: Scribus for mac Os X 10.4.11 Tiger
Scuse me,
perhaps am I ignoring, but I don't succeed to find and to install a useful  
version of scribus for my computer Apple Mac Book Pro, OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger)  
could you indicate the correct version and the instructions to me? thanks
I thought that the open sources were very simpler to use.


   About your Scribus program:
     Version: older_stable
     Prebuilt/Compiled: Prebuilt
     Build Date:
   Your operating system and CPU:
     Type: MacOS X
     Version: 10.4.11
     CPU type: Other/Don't know

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