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Yes, I am an old LaTeX/Lyx user.  In fact, I wish Scribus could import 
Lyx files.
BTW-- I find that the font quality of the resulting pdf is not great, 
unless I use the EXPERIMENTAL feature of embedding pdf & eps.

On 11/04/2010 11:06 AM, John Culleton wrote:
> On Monday 01 November 2010 18:51:02 Ehud Kaplan wrote:
>> How do I insert Greek letters into text frames?  I tried all the
>> obvious things, but none worked.
>> Also, how about mathematical equations?  Do I have to use render
>> frames for that?
>> Thanks
>> EK
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> For formulas I recommend the TeX exit via Render Frames.  That
> software has been under development since the 1970's, with math
> formulae as a point of emphasis.
> The Greek letters used in mathematics should be accessible
> through TeX also in math mode, such as \alpha, \beta, \gamma etc. for
> lower case and 11 characters in upper case such as \Gamma \Delta etc.
> See any book on TeX or LaTeX for details of math mode. The Render
> Frames exit uses LaTeX but math formulae are common across all the
> forms of TeX.  Using TeX you can create either a stand-alone formula
> or one in-line with other text.

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