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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Thu Nov 4 16:06:03 CET 2010

On Monday 01 November 2010 18:51:02 Ehud Kaplan wrote:
> How do I insert Greek letters into text frames?  I tried all the
> obvious things, but none worked.
> Also, how about mathematical equations?  Do I have to use render
> frames for that?
> Thanks
> EK
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For formulas I recommend the TeX exit via Render Frames.  That 
software has been under development since the 1970's, with math 
formulae as a point of emphasis.  

The Greek letters used in mathematics should be accessible 
through TeX also in math mode, such as \alpha, \beta, \gamma etc. for 
lower case and 11 characters in upper case such as \Gamma \Delta etc. 

See any book on TeX or LaTeX for details of math mode. The Render 
Frames exit uses LaTeX but math formulae are common across all the 
forms of TeX.  Using TeX you can create either a stand-alone formula 
or one in-line with other text.
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