[scribus] Review on Scribus 1.5 svn

Markus W. Barth markus at sismografo.es
Mon Nov 1 09:30:47 CET 2010

A few comments, if I may:
>you may ;-)

- You mentioned some text-related issues.These are well-known. Currently, the 
text engine is being completely rewritten, which will resolve the problems you 
>I know about the rewrite, and I know that a lot of the text issues have been 
mentioned on the list and may be on the tracker. As I said, this is a state of 
the art review of an _svn version_, intended for those people who want to know 
what the latest scribus version looks like right now. It is also meant for 
anybody (developper) who may wonder about the perception of a real end user 
that works with it on a daily basis

- Your statement that transparency effects aren't supported by PDF export is 
completely false. The truth is that some PDF versions (PDF 1.3, X-1a, X-3) 
don't support transparency, so if you need the feature, you have to choose a 
more modern PDF version. It would be nice if you could remove the warning 
"Don't use it" from your blog.
>I will.

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