[scribus] PDF Forms and fonts

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Mon Nov 1 09:50:02 CET 2010

A long time ago when I was using 1.3.3.something on Ubuntu I tried to
create a PDF form for linguistics students to use. I was stymied
because I was unable to set the font for any of the controls to
anything but four fonts each of Helvetica, Times, Courier, or Symbols
or Dingbats. None of these fonts contain the hundreds of glyphs
necessary for the International Phonetic Alphabet.

While reading the manual today I came across the section on PDF forms
and it reminded me that I had not tried this for a long time. I am
currently using 1.3.7 on Fedora 11 x86_64. So this evening I tried it
again and discovered that the user is still limited to the same 14

I'm probably a rare user needing IPA characters, but all users would
probably like the font in their controls to be the same as the rest of
the PDF form. You have to admit that the 14 fonts above are pretty ugly
and overused. 

Why are we limited to these 14 fonts? Would it be really difficult to
change the feature so the user can use any installed font? 

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