[scribus] Review on Scribus 1.5 svn

Markus W. Barth markus at sismografo.es
Mon Nov 1 09:18:26 CET 2010

"You can apply (non-destructive) filters to images, and not only one,
but stack different filters one on top of the other. "

>It's been around since 1.3.4 or so. At least for two years, that is.

Just to remind you that a lot of distros don't pack 1.3.4. The latest Ubuntu 
(10.10) version that was published one month ago still ships So this 
feature may be unknown.

>You probably want spending more time with Scribus first :)

I spend quite a lot of time (an estimated average of 12-14 hours a week) 
working with scribus. I must admit that precisely the fact that I work with 
Scribus on a daily basis, for some things it has been difficult to remember 
which feature appeared exactly when.

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