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On Tuesday 25 May 2010 21:28:42 Martina wrote:
> Submitted on 05/26/2010
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>    Name: Martina
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>    Subject: CMYK format
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> Hello,
> i would need to create files in CMYK with the color profile „ISO 
Coated v2
> (Fogra 39 L)“, because i have to send them to the print shop.
> How can I start a new document in cmyk and where can i found 
the color
> profile mentioned above?
> How can I save them as tiff, png or jpeg files?
> Thank u very much for ur help. Greetings
> Martina
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>      Version: 1.3.6
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>      Type: MacOS X
>      Version: 10.6.3
>      CPU type: Other/Don't know
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I differ a bit from the others. First I start Scribus with no document.
I cancel the automatic document creation page. Then with no 
document open I go to Edit->Colors. I select a cmyk palette, either 
Scribus Open Office or my special variant of that with a "Rich 
Black" having just 240% ink coverage. This is necessary to keep 
printer LSI happy. 

I select that color palette to be the default in the future. 

Things start out in CMYK model. The colors may look a bit duller 
than in RGB, but that is the real world of printing.  Of course the 
computer shows things in RGB but it is an RGB color display with 
the more limited gamut of CMYK.
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