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Andreas Hünnebeck acmh at gmx.de
Thu May 27 02:26:46 CEST 2010

I made a proof today in my print shop and there were two minor

1. A greyscale image in TIFF format appeared as CMYK in the PDF.
   This means that the printshop must convert this image (and others)
   into grey scale (reason: my document is black and white except for
   the cover which is in color. The print shop prints the cover
   separate from the remaining pages).

   How can I tell scribus not to convert greyscale images into CMYK?
   Or must I use separate documents for cover and innards? 

2. The cover contains text and embedded logo in EPS. Both text and
   logo use CMYK=70/0/100/0. In the PDF the color of the text
   is correct while the colors of the logo are different[1]. The reason
   is the input profile which cannot be deselected. 

   How can I tell scribus not to use an input profile for images? 
   Or is there a dummy profile I could use instead which does not 
   change the colors?

[1] Open PDF in Acrobat Reader and determinek the RGB colors on screen
    using Kubuntus color picker. The input these RGB values into
    Scribus or Gimp and to determine the corresponding CMYK value.
    The last step is not perfect but good enough to see the differences
    in text and logo.

I'm not an expert in color management, though.

Scribus on Kubuntu 9.04 64Bit.

Otherwise scribus works very good, and the scripting with Python
is fantastic - I create all tables with scripts.

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