[scribus] about page background

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon May 10 14:04:31 CEST 2010

hi rortodox,

> How can I add a page background.Someone said to use a new layer and set a color. Yes, it works, but it affect the clarity of the other images and text. Shell I use a PNG image and put all other stuff on that layer? Or open a full page polygon, color it and then insert everything on that polygon?

if you want the color to be "painted" on white sheets, just draw a 
shape, set its color and put it in the background. it's probably better 
to put it in a layer placed in the background.
if you plan to print on colored paper, just set the background color in 
the document properties (that color won't be printed or exported to the 

> What does snap to grid means and other stuff like that, there are some video tutorials but they cover the basics. No one explains each menu functions.

you may have to learn a bit about DTP.

going through the tutorial in the wiki may be a good start


imo, you don't have to learn each functions, but what you can achieve 
and how you can do it!

> Do you know whwn a new improved versions of Scribus will be released (as in user friendly :), like a COLOR function in the page properties )?

NEVER! :-)

well, this is only my opinion: i prefer having scribus being able to 
achieve as many features with its tools than having a zilion settings 
for each use case, which you will never be able to find!


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