[scribus] exe

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri May 7 17:43:32 CEST 2010

hi dai

> Not complaining and not looking for an argument just stating a point of
> view. At the moment I can't get 1.3.5 through the lucid repo not there
> and even if I were to try and compile it chances are I might run into
> dependency hell as you know. I'm not talking through my arse for the
> average user it is a lot easier in windows to just grab an exe and
> install it. That's a fact. They aren't even carrying the current stable
> version you can get the previous stable version but not the current one.
> You only get the current stable version by adding your repo.

all the distributions i know of, carry the current stable version (1.3.5 is not a stable version and not even the current 
unstable version nor the current development version...).

and, for the last time, if you want to use linux, please learn how it works.

you never have to download any binary from any website for your linux 
system. ever.

if you're doing this, you are going to break your system.

this is the rule. once you will have learnt this, we can talk about 
exceptions to it.

i suggest you three steps:
- first learn what a repository is.
- then learn how to add repositories for trusted programs.
- finally learn how to compile programs yourself.

in that order.

once you know what you are talking about, me may discuss how to improve 
the linux' packaging system further...

have fun

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