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Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 18:25:01 CEST 2010

On 05/07/2010 11:43 AM, a.l.e wrote:
> hi dai
>> Not complaining and not looking for an argument just stating a point of
>> view. At the moment I can't get 1.3.5 through the lucid repo not there
>> and even if I were to try and compile it chances are I might run into
>> dependency hell as you know. I'm not talking through my arse for the
>> average user it is a lot easier in windows to just grab an exe and
>> install it. That's a fact. They aren't even carrying the current stable
>> version you can get the previous stable version but not the current one.
>> You only get the current stable version by adding your repo.
> all the distributions i know of, carry the current stable version
> (1.3.5 is not a stable version and not even the current
> unstable version nor the current development version...).

Actually, not true.
Fedora 12 has, not an awful choice, and at least better than the 
1.3.4 that came out with F11.

But these are the distros choices, and believe me we tried to get Fedora 
to correct their mistake. I filed a bug, with the reasons not to use 
1.3.4, and the response was that they could find no user complaints, so 
they immediately closed the bug.

These issues are not unique to Linux. I've had many a problem with 
Windows that seemed to be simply unsolvable after wasting my time 
troubleshooting ad nauseum. At least with Scribus you can come here or 
on IRC and get a fairly quick answer from people, not programmed websites.


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